Magento SSL Checkout Redirect Fix

If you are having trouble installing your SSL certificate and having Mageneto only SSL your checkout pages, here is the step by step guide. This also fixes the checkout from redirecting back to your index page. I had no trouble installing the SSL certificate. The issue came trying to figure out how to get Magento […]

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Reboot with Joe – Learning to Juice

During a recent snow storm that hit the southeast I ended up stranded in Biloxi Mississippi. As you can see in this picture, Biloxi seems to have a pretty beach and coastline. What I learned from the locals has sent me crazy. So you see that nice white sandy beach? Does the water look a […]

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Todays Health – Focus T25 Day 3

As you can tell by the frequency of my blog posts, often I do not have much to say. I can preface that with actually I do have a lot to say I just elect not to say it out loud. Often I start to write something here and the thought of sharing is crushed […]

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Focus T25 Workout Day 1

After watching a few friends stick out Focus T25 and P90x on Facebook I decided to give in and see for myself what it was all about. I mean infomercials have never been my thing. And seeing all the body transformations on TV honestly never seem real. Years ago I lifted a lot of weights […]

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Solve Media Review

Solve Media Review – Payout is Horrible

Like every forum owner and blogger there is nothing more annoying than spammers. Everyday time is wasted having to delete twenty to fifty fake user registrations on my vBulletin forum. Of course I have tried numerous solutions, the question and answer, the Google Captcha, all with no luck as spammers still manage to register. Along […]

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Powering the Personal Brand

I stumbled onto an article and interview that Dan McDade (@dandade) from the PointClear blog had posted in regards to his interview with Jill Rowley (@Jill_Rowley), social selling evangelist and “Eloqueen” at Oracle (@Oracle) about the Social Employee and Social Selling. The interview is about building a personal brand and if you are interested in your own personal brand […]

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Peroneus Brevis Tendon Update

Today marked five weeks and four days since surgery to repair my peroneus brevis tendon (ankle). The good news is that I am out of the fracture boot and can attempt to get into a normal shoe with a lace up ankle brace. To help with the scars I picked up some Mederma cream and […]

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Peroneus Brevis Tendon Repair

So where do I begin? First of all if there is one point to share from my experience, it is always get a second opinion from another doctor. It took me four doctors to get to the bottom of my ankle pain. Trust your gut and when you know what you are being told does […]

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Why Google+ is Important to Your Local Business

If there is one thing that is certain online it is that Google owns search. And, since the inception of Google+ we have seen more and more elements of Google’s social network incorporated into organic search results. This week was no exception. Google launched Carousel for local search yesterday in the U.S. What is Carousel […]

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Carolina Beach

Kick back, relax, and enjoy the memories. I’m at the point in my life where we are working hard and look forward to vacation. The kids are the perfect age where they get so excited AND they still enjoy time with mom and dad. I find myself catching little moments of time where I just […]

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