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Moved from vBulletin to Xenforo

After a few months of testing we pulled the trigger and moved the forum from vBulletin 4.2 to Xenforo. I would like to say that the responsiveness of the staff at Xenforo is excellent! Secondly, the vBulletin import tools built into Xenforo work flawlessly. We made a dramatic decision to move our forum into a […]

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modern marketing

The Groundwork for Modern Marketing

Considering a move to modern marketing? Before jumping in there are a few fundamentals that you will want to have in place in order to optimize the experience. As I mentioned in my post Digital Marketing Technology, today’s technology enables extremely effective marketing capabilities. As a marketer the core element is your Return on Marketing […]

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Digital Marketing Technology

Digital Marketing Technology

If there is one powerful outcome from the advancement of technology it would be marketing. Gone are the days of running an ad in the local paper and wondering if anyone saw it. Asking people how they heard about your business seems so yesterday. Thinking back to 1998 when I was placing full page ads […]

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The Future of vBulletin

Has vBulletin lost it’s way? That seems to be the question on many forum and community owner’s minds these days. Let’s face it… vBulletin 5 has been a massive fail so far. While they seem to be putting the pieces back together, I find it odd that they would launch a cloud hosted install of […]

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SHOT Show 2014

My forum hobby led me and some friends out to Las Vegas for the SHOT Show 2014 back in January. Now what was really cool is that through the forum and actually running it as a legit business we were able to obtain press passes. Complete with media day out at the range and access […]

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North Carolina Amazon Affiliate Commission is Back

Because of the sales tax laws in North Carolina and the fact that Amazon did not collect sales tax on in-state sales, Amazon discontinued the affiliate program and stopped paying commissions. This put a large dent in the income of bloggers and forum owners who earn ¬†from promoting products on Amazon. The good news is […]

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Magento SSL Install

Magento SSL Checkout Redirect Fix

If you are having trouble installing your SSL certificate and having Mageneto only SSL your checkout pages, here is the step by step guide. This also fixes the checkout from redirecting back to your index page. I had no trouble installing the SSL certificate. The issue came trying to figure out how to get Magento […]

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photo 2

Reboot with Joe – Learning to Juice

During a recent snow storm that hit the southeast I ended up stranded in Biloxi Mississippi. As you can see in this picture, Biloxi seems to have a pretty beach and coastline. What I learned from the locals has sent me crazy. So you see that nice white sandy beach? Does the water look a […]

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Todays Health – Focus T25 Day 3

As you can tell by the frequency of my blog posts, often I do not have much to say. I can preface that with actually I do have a lot to say I just elect not to say it out loud. Often I start to write something here and the thought of sharing is crushed […]

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Focus T25 Workout

Focus T25 Workout Day 1

After watching a few friends stick out Focus T25 and P90x on Facebook I decided to give in and see for myself what it was all about. I mean infomercials have never been my thing. And seeing all the body transformations on TV honestly never seem real. Years ago I lifted a lot of weights […]

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