B2B Digital Marketing through Remarketing List

If you are like me you may find B2B marketing to be a bit tougher than B2C. In today’s digital world it is very easy to track our marketing efforts and conversions in the B2C space. However, it becomes a bit more of a challenge when you have to follow a click or a lead through a distribution channel and measure ROI. A fun challenge none-the-less.

So I had a bit of an epiphany with our corporate digital marketing campaigns and reached out to our team at Google to see if it was possible. Turns out it was doable and everyone thought it would be interesting to beta.

The idea was this… we tag our campaign landing pages for remarketing and build remarketing list off of these pages to share with our dealer network. The thought was what if we could then share our remarketing lists with dealers and have them run local campaigns to retarget the visitors with geo-targeted ads to drive visitors into the local dealerships.

What could be a better-qualified lead? A lead where someone would have had to engage with the original campaign – hit a landing page and get tagged for remarketing – then through a shared remarketing list be presented again with a more localized ad from a local supplier or dealer and click a 2nd time. If that person engages again you would think the conversion to a lead would be extremely high.

Has anyone had any experience trying this? Also, the sharing of remarketing list is not something present in Adwords today. We have to have our Adwords team at Google enable the sharing behind the scenes. I understand that is a feature that they hope to roll out at some point. We are testing it and so far the results are interesting. We have generated leads and good impression activity. One would think that logically it is a great way to share marketing efforts and really drive qualified leads into local markets. What do you think?

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