Forum Revenue November 2012

Google Adsense continues to perform decent as I continue to tweak settings. Revenue from Adsense jumped back up and ended November at $345.18. Stay tuned for December earnings! Sometimes you have to step back and look for the obvious. We run a very active classified section on the forum.  With over 100,000 posts in the classifieds sections, for some reason we always kept these listings private. This meant Google did not index them and unregistered users could not browse them. Not being able to browse them also means there were no ads to click.

Opening our classifieds up has already significantly increased our daily earnings. We are also seeing more traffic and new membership as people searching Google are finding us. Looking back this was something we should have done from day one.

Viglink revenue moved up to $117 which was nice. This brings our total click revenue to $462.18.

December is going to be exciting! In 5 days we are already sitting on $95.97 with Adsense from the tweaks we made. Stay tuned!

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