From 200 to 2,000 Facebook Fans in a Week

Less than a month ago we launched a new Facebook page for a new National website. Starting from zip… we quickly went to work reaching out to influencers in our market. In nearly a week we approached 200 fans but the steam seemed to be running out and we started to stall. As we continued to post relative news, information, and sharing posts of those we followed, we quickly turned our attention to our fans. Identifying a few who were engaged with us and had a large following. Then the brainstorming began.

How could we reach out to these engaged fans and get them sharing and creating awareness about who we are? Well, sometimes you have go back to the basics. For us it came down to T-Shirts. Everyone loves a free t-shirt. So we created a unique niche t-shirt with a catchy slogan and branded it with our logo and url. The shirt was a hit and in less than a week we had sold over 70 and deepened the engagement with our active fans by reaching out and offering to send them a free shirt. We didn’t ask them to do anything… they offered! The response was great! Each on their own offered to take pics of themselves in our new shirt and share it on Facebook. Not only that… they began sharing our new t-shirt concept photos with their fans.

Meanwhile, we utilized the free $50 in Facebook ads that Facebook offers when you create a new page. To date we have spent only $20 of that offer and have nearly 2,200 fans. All of this happened in less than two weeks at a total cost of $30 for two t-shirts!

A quick recap:

  • Reach out and follow active people and pages in your niche
  • Kick start your fan page by running a targeted Facebook ad… it does work
  • Get creative with a Give-a-Way. T-shirts work great
  • Offer the give-a-way to those who are influential and active on your new page or niche

These simple things catapulted us from new to 2,200 fans and a reach of over 38,000 people in only a couple of weeks. Give it a try!

Oh the best part… the shirts were mailed out yesterday! We haven’t even reaped the benefits of having the photos hit yet and we can’t wait to see how this effects our fan count. Stay tuned!


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