The Future of vBulletin

Has vBulletin lost it’s way? That seems to be the question on many forum and community owner’s minds these days. Let’s face it… vBulletin 5 has been a massive fail so far. While they seem to be putting the pieces back together, I find it odd that they would launch a cloud hosted install of vBulletin in the midst of much needed development. The only reason I can fathom is that Internet Brands is testing the subscription revenue model for cloud hosting.

The numbers may work out to their favor. If you spend any time at all reading the forum on you will find a lot of inexperienced questions from people installing and using the vBulletin software. However, at the same time there are many with a great deal of experience yet I can not image anyone running a large forum would give up the hosting control and move to the vBulletin cloud.

My theory around vBulletin utilizing resources to set up a cloud hosted model and not focusing on development is an attempt to drive revenue up and perhaps sell off vBulletin. Could this be?

vBulletin has long been the champion of forum software. If you look at the development of Xenforo and other platforms such as IP.Board you will see a strong move to a much more modern feel and function. vBulletin does not seem to be progressing. There are still large vBulletin sites running on version 3.8.

I simply wish vBulletin would get it together and make the best of vb5. It would also be nice if they would scrap the CMS and integrate WordPress as the frontend CMS and as a multiuser blog platform. Strip all the crap and code the forum to do all the things that makes vBulletin great but on a lighter, faster, and modern technology.

So what do you think? Is vBulletin going on the chopping block or will Internet Brands get it together? Share your comments below!

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