GM Diet Day Three – Fruits and Vegetables

GM Diet day three is in the books! Today is fruits and vegetable day. This is a super easy for me as this morning I drank a bottled water first thing then moved on to the black coffee and of course fruits and veggies the rest of the day. If you made it through day three and are still with me, you are in for a crazy surprise tomorrow. Have you peeked at the week long menu? I will make you wait.

GM Diet Day Three

A combined fruits and vegetables – again it is the same as day 1 and day 2 where you are not restricted on the amount of food you eat, today we are now mixing fruits and vegetables. Today I again had a bottled water first thing before hitting the black coffee. For lunch I had another side of green beans and a squash with zucchini mix to go with it. Drank my five more bottles of water and for dinner I ended the day with three oranges. During the evening I drank another two bottles of water.

Results so far? Another 2 lbs lost bringing my weight down to 214 lbs.

Total weight loss from the GM Diet: 4 lbs

At the end of day three you should start to notice your waistline starting to slim a little. This diet is pretty amazing in that the weight does come off the waist. Tomorrow I am plan to get another 1 mile run along with starting a push-up and sit-up routine. It is recommended at the GM Diet Works website to incorporate exercise with the diet to increase results (pretty obvious fact). Last year when I did this diet I was not running or exercising at the time so it should be interesting to see the final result.

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