Google Chromebook – Samsung

What an awesome notebook! I have been eyeing the Samsung Chrome notebook from Google for a while. It’s super thin, light, and I’m one of those guys that is a heavy user of Google products. The fact that it runs the Chrome O/S, it is super fast, boots in 8 seconds… if you keep everything in Google docs and basically on the web somewhere you can not beat this machine. It is the ultimate couch surfing laptop and not to mention the perfect tool for a blogger. The even better part is that brand new they cost $249.

However tonight while browsing Best Buy I found this one in the open box section for $191 and just had to try it. Here I am writing my first blog post from it. I love it already. Coming from someone who is a heavy Mac user, iPhone, MacBook Pro, iPad or three… I already enjoy the functionality of this notebook. The one thing that would make it perfect is a backlit keyboard.

Now that I travel a bit with my new job… this is going with me and I will be leaving the MackBook at home.  It’s light and perfect for a carry on and the hassle of getting through airport security.

If you have thought about trying one… do it! You will not be disappointed. While granted you can not run software like Photoshop or other intense products… but from needing to get on the web and the ability to access your life online… it rocks!

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