Google+ Communities Now Live

Last Thursday Google released Communities into Google+ which provides community managers, bloggers, brands, and individuals with a powerful tool to grow discussion and content. Similar to groups on LinkedIn and Facebook yet in my opinion more powerful with the integration of Hangouts. There are endless possibilities for hosting a Hangout with your community. As shown in the video, imagine a live Hangout where those in your community can attend while you demo a new product or product feature, share how-to’s, reviews, or just discuss the latest events around your brand. Now a full discussion can take place in a threaded format around any specific topic you share.

Let us not forget about Google search results. Like most bloggers Google is also a bit narcissistic. So if you haven’t noticed lately in your searches on Google you are seeing more and more results based on Google+ and people in your circles who have +1’d content. The new communities feature in Google+ is yet another avenue for your community to be found via Google search. Bottom line is do not ignore it. Google certainly will continue to serve search results based around relative and active content being produced within their own ecosystem.

You will find the new Communities link down the left menu on your Google+ page. Get started creating and sharing your community! Feel free to reply below with a link to your new creation.

Learn more here on how to get started creating your community: Google+ Communities

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