How to use Video to Drive Your Social Media Campaign

Want to increase brand engagement with a social media campaign? Let’s talk video. I don’t think I have to go into the importance of video, the current state of video consumption, the volumes of video that is uploaded to YouTube every hour of every day… but I would like share how we use video to drive engagement in our social media channels at Mack Trucks.

It is one thing to upload a video and become the next Damn Daniel sensation, but it is a totally different effort to use video within a multi-channel social campaign to drive brand engagement. It is also one thing to say yes I watched that video, it is a completely different circumstance to say yes I watched that video and actually took the time to respond to it. I would like to share with you the story of The Horn video and how we developed this idea in a brand engagement campaign.

When it comes to trucking and big rigs the following is a great group of loyal people who for the most part are within the industry. What I am saying is that if I did not work at Mack I highly doubt my wife would have an interest in trucking. My goal was to create a social campaign that would reach beyond the trucking industry and connect with both those people inside and outside of the trucking industry.

The idea to accomplish this hit me around using the horn. Most everyone can remember childhood moments of fist pumping the big rig going down the highway and getting a kick out of getting the driver to blow the loud air horn. Every mom can remember her children doing it. SO it began… I pitched my visions to my co-worker who is an awesome video producer and editor and we went to work bringing The Horn to life.

We simply did not just want to to produce a video, upload it to YouTube, and sit back and hopefully watch the views roll in for brand impressions. We wanted to bring a purpose into using the video to drive a social media campaign for real brand engagement. We wanted to form a connection between a memory of a broad audience or a truck driver and the Mack brand.

As you see in the video, this is a story of young boy fascinated with trucks. He obviously had a connection with these massive pieces of machinery throughout his life and in the end becomes a driver. The story ends with his reflection on his circle of life as he blows the air horn for the little boy from his own truck. We used our Born Ready tagline to wrap the story into a display of what it means to be Born Ready for your own career passion.

We used Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Tumblr to solicit stories from viewers. We used these social channels to drive people to a landing page where they can submit their own story to our Tumblr page or read the growing collection of submitted stories. The results were amazing.

To date we have had over 3 million views on Facebook with over 3,000 stories shared. We have had over 60 people submit a story post to our Tumblr page which you can see at The posts have been shared over 8,000 times on Facebook garnered over 12,000 likes.

The amazing part of this story to me is that we produced all of this in-house. The full story, the flow of the social campaign around it, filming, the editing… all of it we did ourselves with no massive budget. The message here is that you can also. Of course we used a local agency to help source the talent and plan the logistics of where to film. But if you think hard enough within your industry or company I would imagine you can flush out those ideas which can become great social media campaigns driven through video.

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