iPhone is Full? How to free up Space on Your iPhone

If you are like me it never seems to fail that whenever I am ready to run an iOS update on my iPhone I get the dreaded ‘not enough storage space to run update’ message. I am very particular about the apps I load on my phone and only keep the apps that I actually use with any frequency. That makes deleting apps to free up space pretty much not an option.

On your iPhone go to Settings>General>Usage>Manage Storage

iPhone Photos and Camera

You should find that the majority of the space on your iPhone is being consumed by Photos & Camera. Well now thanks to the recent release of Google Photos you have a great option to keep all those pictures and free up all that space.

Go visit the App Store and download Google Photos. What the app does is backs up all the photos you take on your phone to your Google Drive account safely and securely in the cloud. Once they are saved you can delete the actually photos off your phone. Never fear because with the Google Photos app you can access, view, and share your photos with friends and family all through the app. It works great and frees up that valuable storage space on your iPhone making room for fresh new pictures.

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