Solve Media Review – Payout is Horrible

Like every forum owner and blogger there is nothing more annoying than spammers. Everyday time is wasted having to delete twenty to fifty fake user registrations on my vBulletin forum. Of course I have tried numerous solutions, the question and answer, the Google Captcha, all with no luck as spammers still manage to register.

Along came Solve Media which looked promising. How Solve Media works is that while registering for a forum account the person has to watch a sponsored video ad. At the end of the video a Captcha code appears for the user to enter as proof they are not a bot. Additionally, Solve Media pays a commission for the number of videos served to those registering on your site. There was hope for some additional monetization but that hope has since faded.

As you see from the image since installing Solve Media in September 2013 we have had over 750,000 impression and 3,001 type-ins. The disappointing part is all of that traffic only paid us $11.69.

If the $11 is disappointing enough, I still delete a couple of dozen spammers every day. The verdict is if you are considering installing Solve Media to fight your spam registrations and earn a little money, it is not worth the time and effort.

In the meantime if anyone has any good recommendations on a solution, hit me up below in the comment section.


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