Talking Social Media Success with Jay Baer

neil tolbert social media pros podcastTo say that last week was a good week for me in social media would be an understatement. It was an AWESOME week! It all started a week before Christmas break when I got a tweet from @JayBaer inviting me to be a guest on his Social Pro’s Podcast. Knowing of Jay and having read his book Utility along with following him on social and listening to his show, I was amped that he would reach out and invite me. You can listen my episode here: How to Combine Social Media and B2B Marketing Automation.

This was my first experience being on a podcast. I was impressed at how easy it was to join and participate via Skype and how Jay put it all together. I may have just discovered a new journey into podcasting! I found myself really intrigued with it after actually doing it.

So about that podcast, Jay Baer, Adam Brown, and I chatted about the social media success and organic growth that we have experienced at Mack Trucks. From 6,000 fans when I joined the company in March of 2013 until now with 126,000 fans. We chat about some of the drivers of that growth and a little about one of the most successful social campaigns we have produced so far – The Horn.

Social Media Topics In This Episode

  • How engaging with a single-item purchaser can lead to a major corporate contract
  • Why getting your customers to talk to EACH OTHER using your social platforms means more business in the long run
  • How being openly proactive in anticipating problems with your product leads to better customer loyalty
  • Why connecting with people outside your industry is just as important as connecting internally
  • Why taking the leap with CRM/SRM technology is a long, terrifying, and productive process

Here is a link to the podcast, I hope you will take a listen and feel free to share any thoughts or feedback with me below.

How to Combine Social Media and B2B Marketing Automation

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