VigLink – They Get It

Others should take notes from VigLink! All I can say is WOW… I’m impressed! How many of you have set through countless social media webinars hearing and learning how to respond to your customers via social media channels? You may possibly have hosted webinars teaching people these best practices. But who has experienced it first hand?

Well I did and here is my quick story. This is actually a follow up to my October revenue post where I mentioned our VigLink earnings for the first time. We have been running VigLink since May but I had decided not to include it in my revenue reports until we hit the $100 earnings mark which we did in October and VigLink was listening.

In business it is important to have good partners. Those you can build a relationship with and grow successes for both parties. Again, if you are looking for an excellent product to monetize your forum or blog, I highly recommend VigLink.

The day following my earnings post I was contacted by Whitney, Marketing and Communications Manager for VigLink. Several hours later I received an email from the CEO Mr. Oliver Roup thanking me for the advocacy. I asked Mr. Roup if there was someone at VigLink would could take a quick look at our forum and VigLink settings and offer any suggestions on how we could work to improve our revenue. Mr. Roup set up an introduction to Brian head of Customer Success.  This evening I received a very thorough email from Brian with a few suggestions that could help us.

Bottom line… THIS is a perfect example of Customer Service and how you do business in todays social world. If you do not have the tools in place to perform at this level you should begin moving your company in a direction that will enable you to do so.

I want to say THANK YOU to the VigLink team! Whitney, Mr. Roup, and Brian you all did a great job of listening and responding. I greatly appreciate you reaching out to me and I even more so look forward to the relationship and success with VigLink.

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