Mack Command Steer

Mack Command Steer with NASCAR

Product launches are always a bit demanding, but when you are waiting to get your hands on three of the only trucks on the planet with Command Steer to produce launch videos… there is a whole new meaning to demanding. Our latest product launch is Command Steer. It’s an amazing technology added to our Anthem … Read more



The Mack Roadlife series was the result of how creativity and marketing partnerships collide. That is what happened when we paused long enough in the midst of a major truck launch to realize we had a perfect storm brewing to utilize our marketing partnerships and create our first long-form content series. At Mack, we typically … Read more

Mack Anthem

Mack Anthem Highway Truck Launch

Years in the making, the Mack Anthem launch deserves an entire book dedicated to it’s launch. Prior to the official launch on September 13, 2017 in Allentown, PA or via Facebook Livestream that we executed… there were many excellent pieces of marketing content in support of a robust communication plan. The world was hungry for … Read more

Mack Trucks mDrive HD Virtual Reality Launch

Mack mDrive HD VR Product Launch

The Mack mDrive HD transmission launch became another unique marketing opportunity for us. One of the largest challenges for the OEM as we ramp up for serial production, is actually having enough products available for marketing to shoot content with or actually get the product in front of customers. Ideally, you want to have footage … Read more

Mack Bulldog Studios

In-House Creative Content Team

Let’s start with marketing content. The need for sheer volumes of content across multi-platforms is enough of a reason to build an in-house creative content team.  Brands today are present on most social media channels. When you begin to break out a week’s worth of posts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn not including YouTube, … Read more

The Horn

The Horn

The Horn video is a personal creative first after making the decision to transform into an in-house marketing department for video and content creation. The vision was to highlight an element of trucking that everyone could make a connection with and most importantly, strike an emotional chord. Another element was to start grounding our ‘Born … Read more